Tuesday, April 10, 2018

SFIFF 61: Day Five

Three Identical Strangers

My favorite doc of the festival, by far, but one I don't want to say anything about, as it's best-experienced in the cinema. Triplets separated at birth are reunited by chance at age 19. Then things get interesting.

Cold Water

One of Olivier Assayas's earliest features, this recently-restored tale of a teenage girl from a troubled family and her boyfriend (a stand-in for the director) builds slowly to a tour-de-force party scene and a powerful conclusion. The style is almost as demonstrative as the dialogue: most of the movie is shot hand-held and tightly-framed, with few establishing shots, keeping the audience inside the heads of the teens, who thrash around in attempt to find meaning and peace. Only near the end, in the come-down from the party, does the camera pull back and get still, to show us, and the characters, how small they are in the world. I loved this; it's sort of an existentialist, non-comedic companion piece to Dazed and Confused (and was released the year after that film).

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